digha ilish maach dhara

So, this was a totally different gastronomic experience...even my fussy 3-year old gobbled it all up!So, I just couldn't go away without telling u that you rock!BTW, I have also tried your spicy egg bake, and have loved it! and the fishy bong reference is crazy ;). Abdur Rashid Hawladar, general secretary of the number 5 Ghat wholesalers association, says the price of Ilish is a “little high” this year. It came out well. We're currently in ilish so to say - my family would eat it for breakfast if they could . I still put monkey caps for my Son here in winters. As you say, it seems to depend on how powerful the mixer/grinder is and that there should be enough solids in it... either more mustard, chillies, and some people even suggest adding nuts (peanuts or cashews). Only marinate the fish and put into a non-stick pan and cook on low heat for 20-30 minutes. Fish Market Digha Mohona (Rui, Katla, Ilish, Pomfret, Lote ) | Street Food Loves You - Duration: 8:14. I haven't even looked through all the treasures yet...The ilish photos look delicious, and I am drooling. pls help in this case. West Bengal is a state known for different ethnicities, cultures, religions, people and languages. how are you my dear??? Kanchana. Contact Supplier Request a quote. Ribbon Fish. :)Shn, When I saw the "puri" highlighted and linked I was half expecting it to be the puri of puri bhaji! If you prefer buying selective cuts, then you can also choose from super jumbo ilish, topshe maach, tangra maach, deshi tangra maach and jumbo galda prawns. In this recipe raw Ilish/Hilsha pieces are steamed in mustard along with turmeric, green chili, salt, mustard oil. So you mean, this is the "tale of two fishies?"?? :). Oct 9, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by Siddhartha Wilson. oriya cuisine seems to favour garlic. Great work, and a really nice community service I think. The ilish, also known as the ilisha, hilsa, hilsa herring or hilsa shad, is a species of fish related to the herring, in the family Clupeidae. also the garlic overpowers the flavor of Posto which is itself very nice I thinkShnatanuYou are right that's what attracted me to it. And i enjoyed every bit of this cute write up, especially the dhai kiri kiri bit (very rhythmic sounding) :). West Bengal is an eastern state between the Himalayas and Bay of Bengal. now a lot of curry is sti;; there.. can i do something abt it? Photos dekhe mukhe jol eshe-geche. Mustard paste. It was really great to see what is going through everyone's mind. Puri beach is beautiful at sunrise. Generally, it a great combination of tasty food along with a Sundarban Monsoon Tour. Sunderban Ilish Utsab is, apparently, a gastronomical extravaganza of the lip smacking Ilish / Hilsa fish delicacies coupled with a Sundarban Tour. And the ones who stayed behind simply stayed at home and had ‘maach-bhaat’ (the staple Bengali fish and rice), followed by long afternoon siestas and longer ‘addas’ (gossip). thanks for nominating me for the rock blogger! Hey Sharmila..i looked all over for a good rui maach curry and ended my search at this. So I was searching for a recipe for malaikari/chingri recipes when I bumped into this treasure-trove. Lets see how it comes. Fastest delivery | No minimum order | GPS tracking. Spiked with chillies. I just posted a comment on your previous post and I see a new one! I will check there but, incase I can't hilsa, which fish would u suggest? Please note that all the rights for the photographs, text on this blog belongs to the author. Discover (and save!) To make Mustard Paste soak 2 Tbsp of mustard seeds in water for an hour. Hey, i don't eat fish, but i love the pictures :). even their posta has lots of it. i had added 1/2 cup of fresh raw mango puree instead of curd...but couldnt get better. Please do not use it without permission. First of all I don't know why you would add mango puree instead of curd, the taste will be hugely different. In West Bengal, Tripura, Orissa, Assam and Bangladesh, fried fish or Māchh bhājā is a common delicacy eaten as a snack or fritter to go with a meal. Hi Sandeepa,i am a new user.i love bengali food.i like your lots of receipe.my in-laws came from india.they are diabetics patient.can you suggest some receipe for me.thanks, accepted remedies looking for impo powerhouse herb restores manful vitality, boosting libido, intestinal fortitude, and fertility. 5PCS CHOCOLATE ÉCLAIRS SLICE CAKE- KOOKIE JAR, 1. Wish I stayed close-by to you, I would have invited myself to taste them both. Hi SandeepaFelt like I must have overslept for a full week. And Puri is my favourite destination as you'll see from my blog ! From Kolaghat, take the slip road to get onto NH 41and drive for about 30 kms till you spot a roundabout, take the 3rd exit and get onto NH 116/SH 4, continue driving for around 85 kms and SH 4 will eventually merge into SH 57. Discover (and save!) After I posted here, I found your page on mustard where you suggest mixing it with posto, and also hunted around the internet for the answer to this question. Only you can come up with such metaphors! Order Food Online from Bong Connection Near Maddox Square, Ballygunge South Kolkata and see it's menu for Home Delivery in Kolkata. very informative post Sandu. State Fisheries Development Corporation (SFDC) is introducing a plethora of mouth-watering dishes on June 16 to mark the occasion of Jamai Shasthi, which falls on June 19. From Kolaghat, take the slip road to get onto NH 41and drive for about 30 kms till you spot a roundabout, take the 3rd exit and get onto NH 116/SH 4, continue driving for around 85 kms and SH 4 will eventually merge into SH 57. My mother suggested filtering the already-dilute paste, that seems to work, but makes it even more dilute.What is the secret of painless shorshe-bata? I've never really acquired the taste for fish (i know, I know, I'm missing something really good!) If you need to use it or reproduce it, please ask first. SraI don't make mustardy fish very often but I love Hilsa with a touch of mustard and the Tilapia tasted good tooSuganyaThe contents did justice to the white plate too :)tastevThanks :), BeeI have never had posto with garlic. I am touched! The world’s a big place. Digha Mohana. Now some Gyan…It is a traditional custom in Bengal to have ‘Jorha Ilish’ ( pair of Hilsa) on Bijoya Dashami. From Howrah, take the slip road to merge onto NH 6, and drive on, in between, you can take a break or stop for a little snack at the small eating joints and roadside dhabas, drive on for about 60 kms and you will reach Kolaghat. :D, Sandeepa. Powered by, a typical woolen cap that covers your head and face leaving a window for your eyes alone, have seen it only among Bengalis till date, There is going to be a lot of sputtering so be careful, Sandeepa(Bong Mom's CookBook/DesiMomzClub). My DH is not a fish lover :(. Call +91-9434991009. Kolaghat is popular for ‘Ilish Maach’ or the Hilsa Fish, consider buying it from here and take it to Digha and get it fried and served fresh at your hotel. Blog Contents and Pictures (c)2006 BongCookBook. Thanks for insight into Bengali-ness :) I love mustardy fish, think this is going to be my lunch tomorrow. A white plate always does justice to its contents... That was very educational, and the photos are delicious. Ilish Hut is a online ILISH FISH selling website from Bangladesh. I *LOVE* Ilish. The fish contributes about 12% of the total fish production and about 1.15% of GDP in … Men in southern Asia organize yearn valued its proficiency not merely an eye to lovemaking exhibit but also as a general vigorousness supplement.routine remedies in place of impo 100% unconstrained method blends influential herbal aphrodisiacs and body-stimulating works extracts to promise a firm, long-lasting erection along with drive and desire. My local grocer doesn't carry hilsa. There is a speciality store near by which carries large variety of seafood. Amazing how all the posts I have seen for RCI - Orissa remind me of the good - old Bangali dishes. :)hope all's well with you!hugs, trupti, Sorry don't mean to be rude but while you were talking (text copy) I kept staring at the fish. Its nice weather here too :)MusicalAnd you have to say it fast with the Kiri Kiri faster...try it sounds good like a drum beatArchanaYou had Ilish ????? Mutton Boti Kabab, We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. So how do you pick the best destinations to travel to in 2017? Verified Supplier. Your in-laws are bong ? Tank up your car as there are several petrol pumps lined up on Kona Expressway. Jun 7, 2017 - Ilish jhol with green bananas. It sells premium quality ilish fish all over the world. I would add a little vinegar (the salt & the chilli also) to the paste and let it sit for 30 mins. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Due to the lock down for Corona Covid -19 and the unfavourable situation we could not able to deliver your order in time.We are trying to deliver your product according to … The most famous hilsh fish comes from Chandpur District, Bangladesh. In a wet spice grinder or Magic bullet, strain and add the mustard seeds + 2 Green Chilies. Also remeber to soah shorshe for some time before you grind.When I used to get the bitter shorshe bata using my previous grinder...this is what I used to do. Kolkata, West Bengal. :) I will also try your variation, sometime. BTW, another reason for Orissa ought to be special to Bongs is because the Roshogolla was invented there (I posted about this in June 07). I don't want garlic with my IlishEve's LungsYes as I told Shantanu, try the Orissa recipe with Rohu, Ilish will not be a good idea for that garlicy tasteIndosungodOf the fresh fish that we get from the Asian Market, Tilapia is the one that is most popular closely followed by striped bass and stroutShnSince you are a Mallu and Coconut is in your blood :) I would say you try the Prawn Malaikari.Also again since you are a Mallu I can completely trust you with the prawn and also with the prawn head which makes the dish more deliciousCoffeeYou made me do it. Ilish Macher matha diye sobji / Mixed vegetables with Hilsa head; vegetarian. The only annoying part was the bones in the hilsa.... it was a pain removing the bones and it has too many bones... the fish was tasty though.... next time I will try it with salmon or tilapia fillet. It is located 183 km (114 mi) from Kolkata/Howrah via Mecheda and 234 km (145 mi) via Kharagpur, this proximity has probably helped this small hamlet to emerge as a weekend getaway with number of hotels and tourist lodges.Digha is connected to Kolkata/Howrah by a highway and a rail-link via Tamluk. :D, AnhSure...why not ? :(That yogurt mustard sauce is lovely, I had an idea to use it with some "drumsticks" instead of the fish...think that would work?? Back after a hectic week , Sandeepa - to 2 lovely fish recipes . I just got some prawns from the supermarket and since my parents seem to be out, I couldn't make the SOS call that my mother is so familiar with. You should start a professional website on this topic. Hi Sandeepa, I am a Keralite who loves fish more than anything else I have ever tasted.Your post has compelled me to try out the Doi Ilish, and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised...You know how it differs from the way we cook fish, mallu style. West Bengal, state of India, found in the eastern area of the nation. Sandeepa, both the fish dishes look super delicious. Simple, no-fuss. Can I come over for dinner sometimes? bad girl :)AlphaI have been to Darjeeling several times but long long back :)MahuaAmi to East Coast e thaki, tumi SJ ke jiggesh korte paro about the Travel AgentTruptiGood to see you after so long :) Yeah summer is getting over, how are your boys ?There is a dish with bhindi and mustard, never tried with drumstickCynthiaYou do love your pickle don't you ? The curd was supposed to mellow it down.3.I have no idea what you can do with the curry as I don't even know how it tastes with mango puree. Thanks for your Comments. My husband's mashi in calcutta made the best ilish dish ever. ASI used to have the exact same problem with my shorshe bata getting bitter.Now I have a "Magic Bullet"(mixer) which doesn't make it bitter if I grind shorshe with salt and green chillies. Hi,I tried th Macha besara, but dint add the curd. Thanks for sharing this recipe! Back at parents' of course it is done using shil-nora, but if I try to use the mixer-grinder it turns bitter (and rather dilute). 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Aby1. This recipe is for 5 pieces of Hilsa or Ilish. It is a very popular and sought-after food fish in the Indian Subcontinent. *hug hug*. Get Quote. The Maccha Besara seems intruiging. Am I bad? your own Pins on Pinterest Thanks so much for leaving me a note, I had been so busy until now.....and summer's almost gone. Fish Type: Desi Tengra black big size. your own Pins on Pinterest Your pungent mustard-yoghurt sauce is a wonder to experience - next time I make it I will even get a little bit of mustard oil into the house.To give you some idea of how much I appreciated the recipe, I can just say that my adaptation of this was the first recipe I posted to my new food blog; you inspire people to unusual steps :-). It also reduces stress and anxiety — the two worst enemies of sexual function. Since we are vegetarian, I had to think a bit to adapt this recipe for us, but I am so glad I made the effort. Now, when I ate the curry with rice, i got chest burn and i felt all my tongue and cheeks were burning for a while..is it common? i loved posta with garlic. Maybe the spiciness of the mustard paste did not suit you ? Hey, you're up late! this recipe looks delicious....! I hope you will be nice and not Spam. I am not sure if you are used to Indian food. but I must say, the photos are fabulous and the dish looks delicious! I will have to print for In-law impressing. It is the national fish of Bangladesh. Perfumed with kalonji or nigella seeds. All Pictures and Contents in this Blog are solely © BongCookBook. The variety too is a bug plus with everything from Kolkata bhetki, ilish, rui maach, tiger prawns, pomfret and pabda maach among others. Thanks for the detailed response. this is my first venture into cooking bengali food after trying the cuisine for the first time in WB this past summer....was wondering, what is the "american" equivalent of hilsa in the states?? I have never had such a combo in fact.2. I have got this Doi Ilish recipe from one of my friend and tried it on Bijoya Dashami. I cooked it today afternoon with limited success..though my wife liked it (she is a bengali and Iam a tamilian), it wasnt perfect. I am going to try the typical Oriya dish. From Grandmas recipes. Digha is located at It has an average elevation of 6 metres (20 ft). This is an effortless cooking. Btw, do you have any good travel agent in mind that you could recommend for booking flights to Kolkata ? Hi Sandeepa, could you suggest a substitute for hilsa in Doi Ilish? An overload of cashews, raisins and a hint of perfume of whole spices makes this a heaven for rice lovers. And if one merely refrigerates, how long can one store it?Thanks once again! With the puri bhaji all over the blogs I am dreaming of it all day :P. Wow, looks really yummy :). With a few splashes of water make a … On receiving your request, Calcuttaweb will arrange to place the order to its associates and delegate a responsible Customer Relations Officer to arrange to deliver your product at the prescribed address with a special message to your family & friends. Mar 19, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Doyel. I really need to go to Kolkata during December to relish all the maach. Kudos to you. :). Ilish machh or Hilsa has such a great flavour that whatever way you prepare it, it tastes great. Its pretty good if you like the garlic flavor. Your blog is a thesis to the culture through food. I can't wait to back during durga puja time. Street Food Loves You 1,814,607 views But definitely will not do with Ilish. ! I missed this one..! very safe:)). Kolaghat is popular for ‘Ilish Maach’ or the Hilsa Fish, consider buying it from here and take it to Digha and get it fried and served fresh at your hotel. The question now is how do you store it-- mere refrigeration or freezing. Divine ! Start from Kolkata by moving in the direction of Vidyasagar Setu, and continuing on Kona Expressway/NH 117 for about 10 kms. Bengali Cuisine doesn't use a lot of garlic and Posto for us is strictly "niramish" so no garlic. In some places, Ilish weighing 500 to 600gm is selling for Tk500-550 per kg. :), hey...I stay up late on Fridays and Saturdays, its so much fun...can't do it on weekdays :(, Sandeepa, this is so delicious my dear. Will try the Orissi recipe but not with ilish - maybe bhekti - janabo kemom hoye . Sojne data r posto/ Drumstick with poppy seeds; Bhendi posto/ ladies finger with poppy seed; Gathi kochu r dalna / taro root recipe; Fish. Kolkata PO Digha, Purba Medinipur, Kolkata - 721428, Dist. :) I do love me any fish cooked with some gravy/sauce, a little pickle and some rice. Bengali Style Basanti Pulao Recipe is made from a heady fragrance of Gobindobhog that is soaked in turmeric to a get a golden touch. hey, would like to try the mustard-yogurt mix, any suggestions for a veg version? I know I know..... blurr me! Rice is been a comfort … I am beginning to learn to use mustard in cooking. I love the way you write the story behind it...also how is the fish cut in bengali way ans where do u get such kinda fish in NJwill surely like to make this one day! Sandeepa, I was browsing through Desi Momz Club and I have to say I am so impressed. :)say lil S's shadow finally !! Both your recipes sound good. Find information on direct flights and the cheapest month to fly to Kolkata. Hi Sandeepa, I tried Doi Ilish over the weekend. The tartness of the vinegar would make the bitterness go away.Again I have seen I cannot make little shorshe-bata, enough for one dish using the grinders here, the paste doesn't come out well. We have ... Related Features on Central America & The Caribbean, Top 10 Holiday Destinations to Travel in 2017. :) The fish is yummy. Search and compare cheap flights from Bengaluru to Kolkata. Although North Kolkata may seem a bit out of bounds for some but would you let a bit of distance get in the way of procuring a wide variety of the freshest mourala, puti, bele, bata,koi, singhi, magur, papda and ilish?This market is one of the oldest roofs that serves as a one stop shop for everything ‘fillet’. Even if I use a mortar and pestle (that's painful) I can't get rid of the bitter taste. Tilapia was in last week's Wash.Post food section, ever since I have been meaning to go get some. I'd prefer freezing aliquots, but would that remain ok? 700 to 800gm Ilish is selling for Tk700-800, and Ilish that is 1kg and above is going for Tk1,200 per kg. Here, the party of fins starts as early as 5.30 am. Rs 330/ Kg Get Latest Price. I have one question though. This comment has been removed by the author. I can't quite imagine how the mustard-garlic will taste. So I make a larger quantity and then store it, that way it is not diluted eitherI think the key is in the Food Processor, something like Sumeet would be good, I think but I make do with the "Amreeki" ones. How do you make the mustard paste? Location. I'll surely try this out... yummy - fish. That's what happens when we have weekends different from the rest of the world!!! And some people also recommend decanting until the husk remains behind.Since I'm not in a hurry to change my mixer/grinder, I'll probably go with your suggestion of pre-soaking, making a larger quantity and storing the excess. Tengra Fish. Sandeepa...I have been telling CJJ that I am going to prepare a pure bengali meal one day but dont know what to pick from ur blog...coz everything is so authentic...can u suggest something for me...for a lunch ? It delivers a solidly filling feel every constantly — by reason of both of you.

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