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After two weeks of a high-fibre and low-starch diet, the rabbit should be able to digest starch. You can also buy these grasses from other farmers or salespersons. The stage at which a rabbit’s food requirement changes from milk to solid food is known as weaning. The feeding management of rabbit is a very important aspect of rabbit farming business in Nigeria. Rabbits feed majorly on grasses, shrubs, herbs, Hay, cabbages, lettuce, spinach, carrots, kitchen waste, cucumber and of course a clean water. Thanks, while I awaits your response. | 2 connections | View Joshua's homepage, profile, activity, articles Rabbit meat is a popularly eaten meat in Nigeria and even Africa at large. The weight of the rabbit is another important factor to consider. If you feed alfalfa, you’ll need to pair it with rolled oats to get … However, feeding of pigs is a major challenge for most of the pig farmers. As a rabbit farmer that is considering rabbit feed formulation in Nigeria, you must understand everything about: If you are considering rabbit feed formulation in Nigeria and you still know nothing about the aforementioned points, then you are still far behind. Rabbits need watchful eyes, as an infected one can pass the infection rapidly to others. They only have Grower premix, Broiler premix. to make rabbit feed pellets. Thanks for your time Tigha, Comment Text*Good day everyone, rabbit farming is an interesting business, if well prepared for and have time for it. For proper growth, egg production and good health, poultry birds require energy. Just open the feed formulation software, do some figures key-ins and voila. The rabbit nipple drinker has a stainless steel body, two springs and a plastic cap which makes it easy to control the water pressure. The leaves of these plants are some of the best feeds for rabbits because they are high in protein. Wheat offal 2. The very good thing about making rabbit food is that rabbit eats virtually anything from your garden, bush or forest. Feed pelleting can be defined as the conversion of finely ground mash feed into dense, free-flowing pellets or capsules, in a process that involves steam injection (moisture and heat) and mechanical pressure. All you have to do is to ensure that the right amount of nutrients are fed to them in the right proportions. I'm that diligent and determined guy that sees things very differently. At the lactation period, rabbits have a higher requirement for proteins, calcium, phosphorus, and energy. Pig feed should be of high quality to ensure the pigs grow to the desired weight for the market. The feeding management of rabbit is a very important aspect of rabbit farming business in Nigeria. Pigs is a mongastric animal.. Quality of a good Pig Food: Pig food must be fresh and not stale. These plants and leaves include some of the most common grasses that can be found growing in many parts of Nigeria. An ideal feed composition for rabbit should contain 12% – 18% crude protein, 7% minerals, 14% fiber, and 2700 kilo calorie of metabolic energy. But both ways of their thinking are wrong. You must note that diets which are high in calcium have the potential to interfere with the acceptance of the litters by their mother. The lactating does should be fed with 200 g and 700 g of concentrates and green grass respectively on daily basis. CALCIUM Bone meal Oyster shell Periwinkle shell meal Limestone Snail shell. Structured interview schedule/questionnaire was used to collect data from the respondents. When venturing into rabbit feed formulation in Nigeria, you must also consider the different categories of rabbits. Visionary, and Passionate entrepreneur who believes that greatness lies not in what you see, rather, it depends majorly on how you see. Also Related: Pig feed formulation and production in Nigeria. Let's make a difference people. When it comes to the rabbit feed formulation or does in gestation or lactation period, below is the feed composition of rabbit in this categories. As a farmer, you can also grow them in a separate part of your farm to reduce feeding cost. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Maize 2. However, greens are not effective enough in helping rabbits gain weight. Managing a rabbitry is one of the most lucrative agricultural enterprises. An ideal rabbit feed should contain 12-18% crude protein, 7% minerals, 14% fiber and 2700 kilo calorie/kg metabolic energy. When creating this feed formulator, I … You must make clean water available at all times for the rabbits. You can now switch to a high-starch diet. FIBERS 1. On average, rabbits eat approximately 1 ounce of pellets per pound of body weight. At times concentrates are a more economical source of nutri-ents than forages. table 2 If you remember back a week ago, Canaan put together the Suncast Compost Tumbler that we bought off Amazon. Read: how to start rabbit farming in Nigeria. The grains should not be spoiled or mouldy. Remember at LiveStockSpot we give you practical steps on how to keep you farm healthy and make it profitable be it Pigs, Rabbits, Fish, snails, name it. Rabbit Feed Formulation In Nigeria: The Best Modern Guidelines. These grasses are highly beneficial and contain most of the nutrients needed for the proper growth of the rabbit. Read: Rabbit feed formulation and production in Nigeria. There are common grass in Nigeria to feed rabbit;  including eat peels, weeds, banana, pineapple corns, vines from pulses, leaves, carrots, cabbage, lettuce etc. Rabbit feed formulation in Nigeria is very important for every rabbit farmer who wants to reduce the cost of operating hiss/her farm in Nigeria. You wouldn’t only be selling to eaters. Rice bran 4. The feed composition for rabbit must be formulated in order to meet the needs of the rabbit of a particular age or productive stage. This has made rabbit feed formulation in Nigeria relatively easy. Usually, a creep diet is fed to babies to aid their growth. rabbit with a commercial rabbit pellet. This are the nutritional composition of a general rabbit feed formula. An ideal feed composition for rabbits should look like this; A rabbit requires about 2700 kilocalories of metabolic energy daily. Your email address will not be published. In the wild, rabbits eat a variety of grains, greens, roots and roughages to obtain the nutrients they need. You must avoid abrupt change in the quantity and quality of rabbit feed ingredients during rabbit feed formulation in Nigeria. A rabbit weighing 4kg – 5kg will have a different food and nutrient requirement compared with a rabbit that weighs more. A rabbit that weighs 4kg – 5kg will require a food composition of 150g of concentrates and 600g of green grass daily. However, managing a rabbitry is no easy task and if the right measures are not implemented, you may end up losing all your investment in the first few months. You should check with livestock feed manufacturers within your location for the rabbit premix. Commercial rabbit farming in Nigeria are for different purposes which include meat production, laboratory uses, fur production, and breeding stock. Baby rabbits require lots of nutrients for them to grow really fast and healthy. Rabbits are monogastric (they have a single stomach) and herbivorous (they eat plants). Lactating does require more food even if they weigh about the same. At this stage, the doe requires at least 18% crude protein. Joshua Onwa | Nigeria | Manager at Cosmopolitan Rabbit Rearing and feed formulation farm. The factors include the age and productive performance of the rabbit. For the molasses, you can decide to go for cereal bran (rice bran) for feeding your rabbits, while fresh grass can substitute for the alfalfa meal or dried grass. Feeding. Alfalfa Hay and Rolled Oats One basic alternative feed is based on feeding alfalfa hay and rolled oats. For the bucks that have an average weight o 4 – 5 kg, you can feed them with 100 g and 600 g of concentrates green grass respectively per day. For the does that have an average body weight of 4 – 5 kg, the rabbit feed formulation should be composed of 150 g and 600 g of concentrates and green grass respectively per day. Snowball sampling technique was used to get at 67 respondents for the study. Feed four to six ounces (115 to 170g) of commercial rabbit pellets to the doe at the time of kindling; slowly increase this quantity until the doe is getting all she can eat at the end of one week. However, this diet could be very expensive.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'lewisraylaw_com-leader-1','ezslot_12',114,'0','0'])); The good news is that baby rabbits can grow without this creep diet. You can then switch to a high carbohydrate food after a period of two weeks. If you feed the rabbit at least 8% crude fiber containing feed then additional feeding of hay or fiber will not be necessary. It is important that the amount of feed you provide be determined by these factors. At entrepreneur Nigeria,  we deliver the best within 2 weeks of your order. To prevent waste, feed should be pelleted before being served to the rabbits. Feed Requirements During Gestation/Lactation, Common Grasses in Nigeria to Feed Rabbits, Best Poultry Feed in Nigeria & Their Prices, Best Poultry Feed in Nigeria & Their Prices (2020), Building Materials Prices in Nigeria 2020, How to Start a Business in Nigeria in 2020. Rabbit Food in Nigeria: Complete Guide on Feeding Management of Rabbit. Cassava 3. They need to receive nutrients in specific amounts to grow and perform at their best. Rabbits don't take a lot of space to raise and are efficient feed converters, with a feed-to-meat ratio for fryers of 4:1, or 20 pounds of pellets to 5 pounds of meat. These diets could be: Below are other factors that should be taken into consideration when making rabbit feed formulation. This is done in order to obtain an effective feeding efficiency. After 6 – 7 days of kindling, you may increase the feed of the does. Rabbits being very high and effective feed converters, they convert the forage to meat, wool, and/or fur in order to meet our demands. Common Grasses in Nigeria to Feed Rabbits. Rabbits can sometimes grow ‘busy mouths’, hence, you must be ready to spend some money on feeding them. PROTEIN (including amino acids) 1. Final product 2 and final product 3 are used as a comparison. Rabbits Feeds Here are some of the best feeds for rabbits: Legumes: These are all types of plants, vines, shrubs, and trees that produce a pod that splits on a single seam. There are two types of concentrate feeds… Concentrated feeds Feed concentrates provide nutrients that forage alone cannot provide. Soya bean cake (SBC) 2. Final product 1 is considered suitable as a supplementary rabbit feed. After two weeks, the feed composition for such a rabbit changes to high starch diet because has developed the capacity to digest starch. Please note that the price is for a … In Nigeria, the demand for rabbits for several uses is on the rise. Required fields are marked *. Sample Feed Formula For Rabbit FeedIngredientQuantity (kg)Bran of Maize, Rice or Wheat20Wheat, Rye, Sorghum or Millet Middling20Groundnut Cake (GNC)15Dried Grass or Alfalfa Meal37Molasses5Premix2.5Common Salt0.5Total100. During the lactation period, the nutrient requirements of the rabbit are mostly proteins, phosphorus, and calcium. The study ascertains housing and feed management practices among rabbit keepers in Enugu State of Nigeria. For your professional and well detailed business plan contact us on +2347037281050. In order to obtain the desired growth rate, you must have to purchase and provide highly nutritious poultry feed. If i want to be pelletizing the rabbit feed , how do i go about it and how much is the pelletizer? These grains can be fed to rabbits of all ages including young ones. Also, is there anything like Rabbit Premix in Lagos market for instance Agege where I use to do my feed. The weaners (6 weeks old), you give them 50 g of concentrates and 200 g of green grass on daily basis. For the local farmer who aims to reduce operating cost and still produce highly valued rabbits, feed management becomes very important. Crops like sweet potatoes, sugar beets, carrots, and turnips are enjoyed by rabbits, so you can go for such crops. Feed accounts for 60% to 70% of the total cost of production. Rabbit feed formulation in Nigeria is very important for every rabbit farmer who wants to reduce the cost of operating hiss/her farm in Nigeria. This amount should be enough for the rabbit to maintain its body weight. The AYB inclusion was to ascertain the best (%) level that would give better performance in rabbits. For the fact that rabbits are herbivorous animals, they eat different varieties of plant types, ranging from leaves to vegetables, to forage that are not consumed by humans. One of the most important things to consider when starting a rabbitry is rabbit food. This is particularly true in the case of high-producing animals. Thanks for your time and useful information. Rabbit food consumes most of the total production cost of a rabbit farm, which is why a rabbit farmer should have a feeding management plan to help to reduce the operating cost of the farm. MATERIALS NEED FOR RABBIT FEED FORMULATION. At 40 % total formulation of PKC and OPF in the rabbit feed, the environmental problem of biomass from oil palm industry is solved. The advantages are closely related to the reproductive and feeding behaviour of rabbits and the fact that the species is both profitable and easy to integrate: • as a small monogastric herbivore, the rabbit easily accommodates a fairly wide range of cellulose-rich foods; love ur work,,as a big time rabbit farmer i say this is a good job, I really appreciate your unrelenting effort but I want to know the list of grasses readily found in Kaduna state cos that where I reside. Rabbit Feed Ingredients Cereal Grains. Rabbit pellets are a food manufactured by the feed pellet mill if you want make small pellet mill for home use and large pellet mill for commercial use. Grains include oats, barley, wheat, and grain sorghums. pleas help me with formulation of rabbit feed let say 50kg when mixed i am in cameroon. and they provide a good array of vitamins and minerals for rabbits. It is advisable that rabbit farmers in Nigeria should adopt at least two diets. Chief Editor 0 Comments rabbit farming business plan in nigeria, rabbit farming in nigeria nairaland, rabbit feed formula in nigeria, rabbit feed formulation pdf, what do rabbits eat in nigeria Managing a rabbitry is one of the most lucrative agricultural enterprises. Broilers' ratio ranges from 2 to … If lactating, the rabbit consumes about 90 ml/100 g body weight. where feeding rabbits on high q uantity of digestible fiber promoted a best fermentative activity especially at weaning stage (Gidenne et al ., 2002). Success in the poultry farming business mostly depends on feeding quality feed and feed formulation system. Rabbit feed formulation helps you to save on rabbit food costs. Does normally eat between eight ounces and one pound (230 to 454g) … Snail feeds formulation is one area in snail farming that most farmers don't know or thinks that they can't know it or understand it. Rabbit Farming: Advantages. It was designed for rabbits to drink and prevent water wastage. In rabbit feed formulation, you have to consider the age and productive performance of the rabbit. In this article, I’m going to provide you with the complete guide on feeding management of rabbit and rabbit feed formulation. If you are into small scale rabbit farming in Nigeria, you can consider feeding your rabbits with hay or green leaves or vegetables. Also Read: How to startup a restaurant fast food biz in Nigeria 2. Fish Meal. Different types of rabbit pellets for different aged rabbit are available in … Grains include oats, barley, wheat, and grain sorghums. Farmers can adopt two diets depending on the types of rabbits they are raising. Your email address will not be published. For some farmers, this feed formulation might cost a lot more in the long run, especially if the mortality rate of their rabbits is high. This is why you should ensure that you feed them greens and concentrated feeds together. This article is a review of the recent advances observed in rabbit nutrition during the last 10 years. please Where can I get rabbit feeds around Ojo region. CARBOHYDRATE [energy sources (COH)] 1. I reside outside Nigeria, will I be able to use this? Good succulent feeds like carrots, greens grasses, spinach, etc may also be fed to the rabbits. Rabbit food in Nigeria consumes about 75% of total production cost of a rabbit farm. To get the maximum production efficiency out of your rabbits, you have to provide them with a palatable high-fiber diet at weaning. At the moment, creep diet is not economical due to its high cost of formulation and production. Finally is there no need for bone meal, because you did not mention it. You can feed you lactating does and growing rabbits free of choice by making sure there is grain or pellets in the feeder at all times. Outdoor cages were used by 85.1% of the respondents to house rabbits and about 40% considered … Make no mistake, you can feed your rabbits all these common grasses in Nigeria but it can never fulfill all the nutritional requirements of rabbit. Over the years, it has been observed that the kits (baby rabbits) are capable of a better growth rate even without this creep diet. Examples are leaves of pigeon pea, peanut, beans, cowpea, In such a case, the farmer can turn to rabbit pellet formation. In rabbit feed formulation in Nigeria, especially when it concerns weaned rabbits, their feed composition should be high in fiber and low in starch. Crude Fibre 12% Crude Protein 16% Lysine 0.45% Methionine 0.40% Digestive Energy 2600kcal/kg Trace Minerals range of 0.4-0.5% (Iron, Copper Zinc & Iodine) Crude Fat 3.5-5.0% max Calcium (Actual) 1.10% Phosphorus (Actual) 0.60% Sodium (Actual) 0.20% Potassium 0.80% Magnesium 0.25% Alongside this, rabbit pellets and supplement should be given as it … Knowing this food composition and the total calorie requirement is important if you hope to run a successful rabbit farm. This is because the rabbit might still be unable to digest starch. The importance of rabbit feed formulation in Nigeria cannot be over emphasized due to numerous advantages for the local farmer. To increase the acceptability of the food by rabbits, molasses may be added at the rate of 5%. Rabbits should be fed unlimited pellets, as their bones and muscles need plenty of protein and calcium for proper growth. My rabbits loved alfalfa hay even more than their grass hay, but it’s pretty high in protein and in calcium. Thank you for you time Femi. Elephant grass; Goosegrass; Guinea grass; Banana/plantain leaf; Bitter leaf; Pawpaw leaf; Pear leaf; Pumpkin leaves; Sow thistle; Potatoes leaf . Rabbit feed formulation in Nigeria is a very good business venture for the entrepreneurs and investors that want to go into commercial formulation and production of rabbit feed in Nigeria. Classifications. If you ground and make the grains into a mash before serving, damp it with water to prevent dust from entering the rabbit’s nose as it could lead to irritation. 1/20 Try the rabbit: a practical guide Source Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) Keywords Rabbit keeping, rabbits, livestock production Country of first practice Nigeria ID and publishing year 6951 and 2010 Sustainable Development Goals No poverty, zero hunger, good health and well-being decent work and economic growth, and life on land Tougher grains should be crushed or grounded to enable the rabbits to consume them, however, soft varieties of grains (maize) can be eaten just the way they are. Rabbits feed on plants, leaves, vegetables, and forage of almost any kind. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The invention relates to the technical field of the breeding of rabbits, and particularly provides a feed formula for the rabbits and a feeding method. With the formulation, you can easily decide the right feed that will be beneficial and save cost. The nipple drinkers are fundamental for the optimal growth of rabbits. Soya beans offal There are several things to consider when making a rabbit feed formulation. These grains can be fed to rabbits of all ages including young ones. Please do check with agricultural shops within and around Ojo as they will be in a better position to be of help to you. The prices are quite affordable and you can easily buy them from the market. Is this for feed formulation only? Creep diets are fed to baby rabbits in order to increase their growth rate. See: How to start fish farming business in Nigeria. Abstract. Expansion of pig industry depends to a large extent on the availability of good quality pig feeds in sufficient quantity and at affordable price. Rabbit Feed Formulation In Nigeria: The Best Modern Guidelines, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), How to start fish farming business in Nigeria, Pig feed formulation and production in Nigeria, How To Invest In Agriculture In Nigeria: Your Complete Guide, How To Start Geese Farming In Nigeria: Your Complete Guide, 10 Young Entrepreneurs In Nigeria You Need to Know, How to Invest Above 1 Million Naira in Nigeria, Full Biography And Net Worth Of Kizz Daniel, How To Start Dropshipping Business in Nigeria, Resting does and bucks may afford minimum requirements of 50% of both legumes and grasses, You should add water to moisten the feed slightly in order to prevent the dustiness o the mash, After kindling, does may not require heavy diets. With proper feed management, you should be able to save on food and production costs. However, I would like to ask if there is any other alternative to dried grass or Alfalfa meal, Molasses? Feeding rabbits. A bag of pig feed now sells at an average of KSh 3400. in group 1. the average intake of feeds per rabbit was 6.9 kg in group 2 and 4 kg in group 1. according to the consumption of feeds as fed in grams and the number of feeding days, it was found that the average daily feed allowance per rabbit in group 2 was 126 g and in group 1 – 65.5 g (Figure 1). These diets include a grower diet for the fryers and a lactation diet for the does. Rabbit food in Nigeria consumes about 75% of total production cost of a rabbit farm. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Afterwards, you can supplement with a restricted quantity of high protein concentrate, and energy. 4 Things to Consider in Rabbit Feed Formulation, 3. Pig feeds are expensive, taking up to 80 per cent of a farmer’s production costs. Rabbits at a particular age and productive stage require a certain amount of feed that will provide them with the correct amount of nutrients needed for their daily activities. At this stage, the feed composition should contain more fibre than starch. They will require 200g of concentrates and 700g of green grass daily. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Nothing more! Yes, this product is for feed formulation only. Rice 4. If you know that rabbit feed formulation will pose a big challenge to your agribusiness, there are standard rabbit pellet formulation that you can always buy from the market. Note that rabbits need adequate supply of clean water because they drink approximately 10 ml/100 g body weight on daily basis. Raising rabbits for meat is an increasingly popular farming operation in Maine. A feeding trial was conducted to determine the effect of dietary inclusion of Processed African Yam Bean (AYB) at 0%, 10%, 20% and 30% levels respectively, on the growth and reproductive performance of Rabbits. Thank you. Palm kernel cake (PKC) 3. Y02P60/877—. Thanks for taking time to read the article, and I do hope that the above formulation becomes very useful to you Rustan. Weaning is that stage in the life of a young animal that its food changes from milk to solid feed. Whichever rabbit food you decide to include in the feed formulation, make sure it contains the right amount of nutrients and meets the rabbit’s daily requirement. Some examples of important nutrients you should provide for your rabbit include proteins, carbohydrates, lipids (or fats), minerals and vitamins. Yam. Groundnut cake (GNC) 3. You should have a feeding schedule or them as well. Most domestic ra… Rabbit feeding management is very important for every rabbit farmer due to the high costs of feeding and raising rabbits. There are different breeds of rabbit in Nigeria, and almost all of them are reared for commercial purposes. Rabbit producers, feed manufacturers, animal nutritionists, and others interested in rabbit production will find this book to be the new authority. This brings us to the importance of rabbit feed formulation. These crops and plants also contain many beneficial nutrients and they are made up of a lot of water. Rabbit producers, feed manufacturers, animal nutritionists, and others interested in rabbit production will find this book to be the new authority. You can make use of 10kg of maize bran, 10kg of millet, sorghum, or wheat middling, 7.5kg of groundnut cake, 18.5kg of dried grass or Alfalfa meal, 2.5kg of molasses, 1.5kg of rabbit premix, and 0.25kg of common salt. And this pushes many farmers to start rabbitries of their own or partner with other farmers to build rabbitries that will meet the market demand.

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